9 December 2021

MU, UM, and SMU hosts the 2nd AUN-TEPL Symposium

AUN Writer Team

By the AUN-TEPL Secretariat

Mahidol University (MU) alongside the Singapore Management University (SMU) and Universiti Malaya (UM), hosted the 2nd ASEAN University Network Technology Enhanced Personalised Learning (AUN-TEPL) Online Symposium on 12th November 2021. 
The event brought together approximately 200 like-minded educators from universities in the ASEAN region to share and discuss best practices for the use of technology to bring about personalised learning and to seek opportunities to collaborate in inter-university projects. It featured a series of presentations by speakers from various ASEAN Universities and beyond, covering a wide range of topics such as, “Expanding our view of Educators' Proficiencies in an Era of Rapidly Changing Digital Landscapes”, “Online Teaching Approaches in a Post COVID-19 World”, “Learning Pedagogies for Online Learning”, “Virtual Reality and Gamification”, “Learning Analytics and Course Recommendation Systems”. 
According to MU President, Professor Banchong Mahaisavariya, “The AUN-TEPL network establishes a collaborative platform that expresses a commitment by all parties to work towards the mission of facilitating capacity-building symposiums, creating an exchange platform for educational tools and content, and stimulating cross-university research collaboration, as leaders of technology-enhanced personalised learning.”
Keynote speaker Garry Falloon, Professor of STEM Education and Director of International Engagement at Macquarie School of Education presented a framework illustrating a more holistic perspective to reflect an expanded digital competency view which educators require to optimise benefits from new and emerging technologies in their professional practice. He also introduced the use of learning analytics as a means to understand how students interact with online video learning objects during independent study as part of active learning engagement. This approach provides educators with insights for improving the design of online learning assets and understanding how they can best be used to enhance students’ learning outcomes.
Details of the 2nd AUN-TEPL Symposium and video recordings may be found at this link: https://www.auntepl.com/2nd-aun-tepl-symposium

To sign up as a member or to find out about the mission, key thrusts, and initiatives of the AUN-TEPL, please access this link: https://www.auntepl.com/