1 December 2022

13th AUN Rectors’ Meeting: UI GreenMetrics, The Ranking System that Propels University Healthiness and Sustainability with Competition and Cooperation

Patitin Lertnaikiat
AUN Programme Officer;

At the 13th AUN Rectors’ Meeting, Dr. Agustin Kusumayati, M.Sc., Ph.D. presented the latest updates of the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking. It is a ranking system that promotes healthy practices and encourages creating a sustainable environment within the University ecosystem. Such a ranking system drives competition within universities and gives motivation to keep improving infrastructure quality. It also leads to cooperation because at the heart of it all, competition or not, Universities are working together to see the quality of living improve for all people around the world. The best of the best Universities do not rest at only providing education to the people. They strive to provide more benefits to society beyond just teaching. 

The UI GreenMetric was initiated by Universitas Indonesia in 2010 and ever since then has been respected as the World University Ranking which brings sustainable impacts to universities around the world. The Universities that have been ranked through this system are rated based on how well they promote healthiness, as well as how “green” or sustainable the entire institution is. Not only does UI GreenMetric manage the rankings, but they are also on a mission to facilitate international partnerships on sustainability by providing sustainability-related services for Universities around the world, and encourage the good sustainability practices. 

UI GreenMetric Methodology.png

Read more about the methodology of UI GreenMetricshere:

Since the inception of UI GreenMetrics, they have been shaping the development of over 417 billion square miles of University areas around the world, as well as contributing to reducing more than 7 billion metric tons per year of carbon footprints from daily University activities. In 2010, 95 Universities from 35 different countries were part of the UI GreenMetric rankings, and this has since grown to 956 Universities across 80 countries in 2021. The contributions have earned Universitas Indonesia the position of 1st in Indonesia from the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking in 2022.

UI GreenMetric 2021 countries.png

Click here for the full UI GreenMetrics ranking list of 2021

Dr. Agustin also proceeded to share current ongoing programs such as the UI GreenMetric Online Course on Sustainability “Global Practices of Sustainable Development Goals” hosted by University of Sao Paolo, Brazil. In 2021, UI GreenMetrics have also begun introducing new services in their global work which includes consulting, fact file analysis, Trees Rating, events, and branding. To read more about UI GreenMetric, their website can be found through this link: https://greenmetric.ui.ac.id/ 

University competition and cooperation can be built from many different systems, it is not limited to only a ranking system like UI GreenMetric. Stay tuned for the coming week where we will feature ASEAN University Network Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN), which uses a rating system for Universities as opposed to a ranking system.