26 October 2023

The Return of AUN-ICT Framework Development Workshop: Revisiting AUN-ICT Work in Standardising University ICT Management and Quality

Ninnart Ratanasukhon
AUN Programme Officer;

Prince of Songkla University, in collaboration with the ASEAN University Network and the Institute of Software Engineering and Quality Management (ISEM), is gearing up for “the Development Workshop on the Quality Standardisation of Universities’ ICT System and Management Framework (AUN-ICT Framework),” set to take place on 7-8 November 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, with 60 representatives from AUN Member Universities and AUN Associate Member Universities expected to attend the event. This upcoming AUN-ICT Workshop is the second iteration of the AUN-ICT workshop initiative aimed to create an ICT model that will be a one-stop service for AUN Universities’ in standardising and managing their ICT quality management and services.  

In light of the AUN-ICT workshop’s return, we would like to use this opportunity to revisit the work of the AUN-ICT initiative so far, highlighting the “One Platform, One Protocol” protocol and the background of the AUN-ICT workshop.

“One Platform, One Protocol”

A crucial component of the digital transformation of universities, ICT quality management and services serve as both the operational backbone of the universities and a key player in enhancing the universities’ efficiency, stability, scalability, and security in other operational areas. However, the availability of several standards for ICT management remains a challenge in the higher education landscape – with each standard coming with its specific purposes, pros, and cons. It is up to the universities to choose which standard is best applicable to the specific conditions, limitations and complexity of their system.

The “One Platform One Protocol for AUN ICT Model” is conceived as a part of AUN-ICT’s endeavours to assist AUN Member and Associate Member Universities in this regard through exploration and developments of the ICT framework under the context of ASEAN higher education. The model combines five working areas of ICT quality management and services into One Platform One Protocol, namely:

  1. Product Development
  2. Project Management
  3. IT Service
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Operational Management

The integration of the five working areas under “one platform, one protocol” could benefit universities in reducing implementation speed and enhancing cost efficiency when compared to utilising multiple systems.

AUN-ICT Workshop

To bolster the initiative’s regional work to enhance higher education institutions’ (HEIs) capability in ICT quality management, the AUN-ICT workshop was spearheaded with the aim to enhance the capability of ASEAN Higher Education Institutions to achieve excellence in performance in ICT systems and management at the institutional level as well as addressing the pressing need for digital transformation. This initiative also serves as a platform for participants, who are specialised in Information Technology and experienced in managing university ICT systems, to provide feedback and contribute to the developments of ICT systems.

This is part of the workshop’s overarching goals to:

  • Advance the practical aspects of implementing the Quality Standardisation of University's ICT System and Management Framework,
  • Ensure comprehensive understanding of the AUN-ICT Framework among AUN Member Universities and Associate Member Universities, 
  • Identify pilot universities for the next phase of the initiative.

The first AUN-ICT workshop, titled “Quality Standardisation in University's Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) System and Management Workshop", was held on 21-23 March 2023, at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus, Thailand to pursue these preliminary goals with specific focus on establishing the background and discussion on potential ICT systems and models to help improve ICT quality management for universities under the context of ASEAN higher education.

With the second AUN-ICT Framework workshop set to continue the work from its first iteration and further contribute to the initiative’s mission to enhance ICT management capability in ASEAN HEIs, we at the AUN Secretariat are excited to share with our readers any developments which may arise from the event. 

Stay tuned to the AUN E-Newsletter and the AUN’s website for further new coverage from the event.

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