29 September 2022

Commitment and Passion: The Story Behind the 3rd AYCF Thailand at Burapha University

AUN Writer Team

By Boonyanuch Jaroenittikoon, AUN Programme Officer

Burapha University hosted the 3rd ASEAN University Network-ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum: Thailand Chapter (AUN-AYCF: Thailand Chapter) on 14–16 September 2022 in collaboration with other 4 AUN Member Universities: Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, Chiangmai University, and Prince of Songkla University. AUN-AYCF: Thailand Chapter is set to be a pioneer in sharing cultures of ASEAN countries with the public and showcasing youth’s talents and potential in leading a cultural aspect of the ASEAN community for all member universities in ASEAN. Current students, alumni, and professors dedicated themselves to organising an event that depicted the importance of cultural elements in strengthening the unity of ASEAN region. Hence, throughout the process, we did not only see the beauty and success of the performances but also witnessed the commitment and passion that all performers and organising staff invested in every step of the event.

Their dedication was shone through in the very first moment of the event—the worship ceremony of gods of performing arts. Among Thai performers, this ceremony is to be done before any events as it grants performers good wishes and ensures a smooth operation.

During the rehearsal, the performers, who are students and alumni from different universities, gathered to practise the performances, which included Thai traditional and contemporary dances, as well as the ASEAN cultural show which the alumni had learnt from previous AYCF in various countries. Apart from the performances, the rehearsal is a part that depicted how culture and arts can accelerate the bonding among people from different origins.


The costume is another crucial element for portraying ASEAN culture. The performers dedicated themselves to this process to ensure the accuracy of traditional costumes. Each step of getting into the costumes and makeup took hours to be completed and years for the performers to master. Therefore, it is something that requires perseverance and passion in order to be successful.