24 May 2023

Vietnamese Universities Unite to Tackle Challenges in Higher Education: Insights from IQA System Design and Development Workshop

AUN Writer Team

by Chanya Chinsukserm, AUN Programme Officer

In the recent Internal Quality Assurance System Design and Development Workshop in Viet Nam, participants from various universities delved into the intricate challenges faced by universities in the country. The session shed light on the complexities within the system and the interplay among various subsystems, all of which impact the development of higher education. The workshop's primary emphasis was on internal quality assurance (IQA) systems and practices, aiming to identify effective solutions.

During the three-day workshop, esteemed participants presented a range of solutions to tackle the multifaceted issues in Vietnamese higher education. They underscored the criticality of constructive alignment among all entities and a resounding change in the development of an outcome-based education (OBE) approach. Their points also extended to the creation of a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) handbook, serving as a beacon of guidance amidst the evolving landscape of international practices. Moreover, they advocated for a contextualized approach that transcends limitations for the vision of a world-class QA system. 

In light of the institutional transformation, the participators delved into the daunting challenge of rectifying low-quality institutional policies. With a people-centered solution at the helm, they pondered the possibilities of fostering a deepened understanding, increased involvement, and strengthened relationships among stakeholders. Their visionary proposals supported the creation of practical guidelines, encouraging universities to forge collaboration and embark on benchmarking endeavors. They also directed their focus towards mindset transformation and cultivating a culture of change readiness. Their strategies encompassed regulatory measures to shape behavior, fortify institutional capabilities, and nurture robust interrelationships. Budgetary concerns and the need for regulatory revisions were the key focus areas.

As the workshop unfolded, these valiant participants illuminated the path towards a future of educational excellence in Viet Nam. With their call for alignment, improvement, and transformation, they set forth a roadmap to revolutionize the very fabric of Vietnamese higher education, empowering institutions to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.

The AUN Secretariat, taking charge of the workshop's outcomes, will undertake the meticulous task of compiling and analyzing all the ideas generated during the event. Their efforts will culminate in the release of a comprehensive report. These valuable insights will be presented at the highly anticipated AUN-QA Council Meeting, where crucial decisions regarding the future course of action will be made.