11 August 2020

AUN-QA Assessors: ‘We Are Ready’

Chawanvit Panprasert
AUN Programme Officer;

On Tuesday the 11th of August 2020, the AUN-QA Secretariat held an orientation and conducted a mock assessment for AUN-QA Assessors who will be a part of the first batch of assessors who will be performing online/remote site visits as part of the AUN-QA Programme Assessment.

The orientation familiarized AUN-QA Assessors with the core concepts and procedure of the online/remote site visit. They were also acquainted with the technology, equipment, and management that will be necessary. These include instructions on how to effectively use Zoom, how to troubleshoot any problems they may encounter, as well as etiquettes.

A mock assessment was also conducted to walk the AUN-QA Assessors through the entire process and familiarize them with the procedures. In particular, it was designed to prepare them for possible problems that may arise. The assessors were presented with nine mock-up scenarios, mainly dealing with technical and communication issues, that the AUN-QA Secretariat anticipates are the most likely to occur.

Both sessions were fruitful and provided the Secretariat and the assessors with meaningful information and food for thought leading up to the first online/remote site visits. The feedback and lessons learned from these sessions will be used to improve the orientation and mock assessment for other AUN-QA Assessors who will also be conducting online/remote site visits.

These sessions are part of the first phase of implementing online/remote site visits and its successful completion means that AUN-QA will soon be ready to once again provide its assessment services, even if in a limited fashion.

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