ASEAN+3 Heads of International Relations Meeting




Participants: Vice Presidents of ASEAN+3 UNet University International Relations Offices and/or their representatives


To foster stronger cooperation between universities within the ASEAN+3 UNet through direct sharing of institutional infrastructure and practices


The ASEAN+3 Heads of International Relations Meeting is a knowledge sharing platform created to facilitate and drive forward the day-to-day work of internationalizing universities in the ASEAN+3 region by providing key updates from the AUN Secretariat and opportunities to learn more about network member universities, particularly the host.

Project history:

2019 - “University Contributions to Innovation, Business, Research, Initiatives, and Good Practices in the Context of Growing Asian Economy”
2018 - “Global Citizenship Development in ASEAN and East Asia: Adding Values to the Current and Future AUN Mobility Activities”
2017 - “Managing Student Exchange Activities: A Manual on Safety and Risk”
2016 - “The Spotlights on AUN Thematic Networks and Plus Three Alliances”