16 February 2023

The Third Agenda from the 13th AUN Rectors’ Meeting: Data Strategies and the Achievements of High-Impact University Missions

Ninnart Ratanasukhon
AUN Programme Officer;

Since the rise to prominence of the internet, ‘data’ has been the big word. Data is what everyone is looking for and what everyone is talking about, and the 13th AUN Rectors’ Meeting did not miss out on this rising trend as well!

In this week’s coverage of the 13th AUN Rectors’ Meeting, we would like to introduce you to the third agenda of the meeting, “Data Strategies and the Achievements of High-Impact University Missions.”

This agenda, which fell under the theme of “University Excellence and the Next Frontiers of ASEAN Higher Education: How AUN Member Universities Think, Lead, and Manage,” saw representatives from three distinguished institutes of ASEAN University Network shared and discussed how their institutes are utilising data strategies to strengthen their advance toward the achievements of high-Impact university missions.

In this discussion, we welcomed

  1. Prof. Dr. Narimah Samat, Vice Chancellor of Academic and International, Universiti Sains Malaysia, who shared with us how data strategies have become an integral part of Universiti Sains Malaysia’s effort to develop sustainability;
    Prof. Narimah.JPG
  2. Dr. Nghiem Xuan Huy, Director of the Institute for Education Quality Assurance (INFEQA), Vietnam National University, Hanoi, who presented to us the usefulness of data management in various activities of the university and the prerequisite to promote data management;
    Dr. Nghiem.JPG
  3. Dr. Taizan Chan, Chief Data Officer, the National University of Singapore, who highlighted the importance of a centralised data system in identifying issues and possible areas of improvement in the current infrastructure. 
    Dr. Taizan.JPG

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This article is a part of our long-standing series on the 13th AUN Rectors’ Meeting, which was held in Vientiane, Lao DPR, on 22 September 2022. The coverage of the previous two agendas, “Driving University Excellence through Regional and International Cooperation (Agenda 1)” and “Interdisciplinary and the Future of ASEAN Higher Education (Agenda 2),” can be found here (Agenda 1) and here (Agenda 2). The overview of the meeting is also available at The 13th AUN Rectors’ Meeting at Lao PDR.