15 February 2024

9 Student Summer Programmes in 7 ASEAN Countries: Host Universities Announcement for the Pioneering AUN Summer Camp 2024

Noppanun Sookping
AUN Programme Officer;

2024 is slated as the year of youth mobility for students in universities in ASEAN through platforms and opportunities organised by ASEAN University Network. Many of AUN youth activities are set to return this year to provide international and multidisciplinary platforms for university students to engage in cross-border exchange and develop life-long and active learning experience under subject-specific themes, areas of learning and activities. Among such advantageous platforms lies a brand new one currently in the making.

The AUN Secretariat would like to finally announce the details of the AUN Summer Camp. Set for launch later this year, this brand-new and ambitious initiative aims to promote grand mobility and active learning of undergraduate students from the ASEAN region through the conduct of 9 summer programmes happening concurrently in 7 ASEAN countries. Each programme is hosted by one or more premier member universities of AUN in their respective country, contributing their resources, expertise and experience in establishing two-week exchange summer programmes for international and local students to participate, engage and develop advanced and future-proof skills.

The themes of this year’s AUN Summer Camp programmes, while different in terms of key focal points, embrace the diversity and harmony spirit of the ASEAN identity. Although each of these short-term summer programme is designed to best utilise the unique strength, culture and academic excellence of each host(s) to create the most powerful impacts and benefits for their international young learners, all of them works with a common goal of providing participating students with formative yet poignant active learning and networking experiences along with their international and multicultural peers from across the region. Such a dynamic of AUN Summer Camp is very much reflective of the unique identity of ASEAN – a tapestry of rich and multilayered diversity woven together in strength and harmony.

The details of AUN Summer Camp programmes are as follows:

The application process for different AUN Summer programmes is currently opening up. Stay tuned as the AUN Secretariat continues to provide more updates on further progress regarding the development of such ambitious region-wide summer exchange programmes in ASEAN.

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