18 May 2020

Recap: Remote AUN-QA Assessment Task Force Meeting


The global spread of COVID-19 has resulted in postponements of many AUN-QA activities including AUN-QA Programme Assessments. In response to this challenging situation, the AUN-QA has decided to utilize remote AUN-QA Assessments as a new way of assessing AUN-QA member universities. We firmly believe that the remote AUN-QA Assessment will not only be an effective tool for doing AUN-QA Assessments during the pandemic, but also to comply with the global disease prevention practices. 


In order to ensure the quality of remote AUN-QA Assessments, the AUN-QA Council Members agreed for the setup of the AUN-QA Task Force. The AUN-QA Task Force consists of 6 AUN-QA Lead Assessors from 4 ASEAN countries namely: Prof. Dr. Satria Bijaksana from Indonesia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evangeline P. Bautista and Prof. Dr. Raymund Sison from the Philippines, Mr. Johnson Ong Chee Bin and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Kay Chuan, AUN-QA Technical Team from Singapore, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamolwan Lueprasert from Thailand. 


So far, 2 productive online meetings were successfully organized, filled with fruitful discussions on remote AUN-QA Assessments including general procedures, confidentiality, security and integrity, work process, risks as well as future plans. Ultimately, the plans and recommendations during the meeting will be tabled for discussion and further actions at the AUN-QA Council Meeting. 


The Task Force and the AUN-QA Secretariat will continue to work closely throughout the implementation period to ensure the effectiveness of the remote AUN-QA Assessment. Further updates regarding the remote AUN-QA Assessment will be notified through AUN-QA communication channels.