19 July 2023

Ensuring Quality for Graduates that will Protect, Care, and Improve People’s Health: Hue University’s First Programme Assessment with AUN-QA (335th PA)

Patitin Lertnaikiat
AUN Programme Officer;

Hue University (HU) has been an AUN-QA Member University since 2015. Over the years, HU has had their personnel be a part of the AUN-QA Training Course for Accomplishing Programme Assessments (Tier 1 Training). And it is with great excitement that AUN-QA and HU had the opportunity to conduct the first programme assessment together at the 335th AUN-QA PA on 4 - 6 July 2023! More specifically, AUN-QA assessed the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory for University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University (Hue UMP).


Over 65 years since its establishment in 1957, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University has successfully developed into a well-established center of medical, pharmaceutical training, and scientific research in Central Vietnam, Central Highlands, and the whole country. Hue UMP has 7 faculties and 23 departments that are dedicated to the mission of training high-quality medical human sources, conducting scientific research, transferring techniques and technologies, providing medical examination and treatment, and satisfying the requirements of protecting and taking care of people’s health.


For the first Programme Assessment with AUN-QA, the assessed programme was the aforementioned Bachelor of Medical Laboratory. Commenced in 2000, it started with 34 students and has greatly expanded to about 120 to 130 students per year. The programme aims to meet the different needs of work in healthcare, promote lifelong learning and scientific research. Students will be trained to have ethical qualities and professional skills necessary in the field of medical laboratory. Graduates of the programmes will be able to develop professional abilities and work adaptability that will be highly beneficial towards contributing to public and private health facilities across the country.


As such, AUN-QA is delighted to have had the opportunity to assess and ensure quality for a programme that will develop graduates into professionals that will be capable of protecting, caring, and improving the health of people in Vietnam. On a final note, AUN-QA would also like to welcome HU with open arms for future Programme Assessments!