AUN University Social Responsibility & Sustainability


Quick Facts
Establishment: 2011
Focus: Community Engagement
Host: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Members: AUN30

  • Prof. Dato’ Dr. Norazah Mohd Nordin

Contact: [email protected]

AUN USR&S aims to drive trans-disciplinary social responsibility initiatives between higher education institutions and diverse stakeholders, to promote greater university-industry-community collaborations that enhance the quality of life for ASEAN and Asian communities.

In order to promote regional USR&S activities, AUN USR&S works in synergy with the ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN University Network to fulfill the network’s objectives to create mutually beneficial partnerships through research, education, and volunteer missions of higher education with the industry and community stakeholders across ASEAN and Asia. Under AUN USR&S Strategic Planning 2018 – 2022, activities like the AsiaEngage Regional Conference, ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme, and ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement have been launched to stimulate greater passion and commitment for social responsibility and community development from ASEAN and beyond.