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18 May 2022

AUN-QA and MyQAN connect in promoting Higher Education quality assurance in Malaysia

Noppanun Sookping, AUN Programme Officer
AUN-QA, in collaboration with MyQAN, organised “AUN-QA An Introduction of Potentials and Prospects” virtually on 12 May 2022, 9.00-10.30 AM (GMT+7). The event garnered 61 attendees from MyQAN Member universities, public and private universities in Malaysia.
27 April 2022

In the name of Democracy: Southeast Asia's struggle on freedom and ethics

The discussion by two Nobel Laureates and Thought Leaders throughout the webinar the 6th ECAAR Dialogues Webinar left many of us ponder more about the ethics of freedom and democracy in Southeast Asia. To contribute to the conversation, Ms. Hannah Louise Dimayuga, AUN Intern, would like to share her thoughts and reflection on the region's struggle to promote ethics and freedom.
20 April 2022

ASEAN Nobel Laureates and Thought Leaders discuss the promise of freedom and the challenge it faces in an age where information is powered by social media

From forming a shared code of ethics in a diverse ASEAN to the political polarization caused by social media, the 6th ECAAR Dialogues webinar continues the increasingly important discussion on ASEAN ethics.
19 January 2022

FEU students reflect on ECAAR Dialogues on the "Ethics of the ASEAN Human-centric workplace"

Students from Far Eastern University (FEU) share their thoughts on the ECAAR Dialogues where ASEAN thought leaders weighed in on how we can start thinking about creating more human workplaces.
22 December 2021

ASEAN thought leaders weigh in on how we can build a better, human-centric workplace

ASEAN, one of the most diverse regions in the world, is in a unique position of facing developmental challenges in an evenly developed region while also having to answer sociocultural challenges posed by contemporary society. As part of the ongoing ECAAR Dialogue webinar series, a diverse group of thought leaders from multiple sectors, generations, and sociocultural backgrounds were invited to speak on their unique experience of the ASEAN workplace and the challenges it currently faces.